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IX. Karate Maraton online registration

Osu! Dear Participant! Online registration is possible through this form.

Please only submit the registration form if you can complete your payment through your selected payment method within one week, otherwise your registration will be cancelled!

In case of any question, please call me! Tel: 0036 30 9902834

Registration fee until 2020.03.15: 11.500 HUF/person

Registration fee for people under 14 (born in 2006 or after), until 2020.03.15: 11.000 HUF/person

T-Shirt price until 2020.03.05: 4.500 HUF

Contact information

Please check this box if you wish to pay in cash (otherwise, bank transfer!)

Check this box if you need a VAT invoice

Invoice is always created in case you select bank transfer. Billing details must be submitted in case of bank transfer!

VAT invoice ?

Billing information

Additional information

If you need more T-shirts than registrations, you can specify here. Please always specify the size as well!

1. Registered person

Type of marathon
Marathon Half-marathon Mini-marathon

I would like to order a T-shirt (payment with registration)

T-shirt size

I have read and accept the registration terms and conditions!

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